50 minutes

A customizable treatment, directly inspired by a mesotherapy session in an esthetic medicine practice, for complete revitalization against the signs of aging. It boosts hydration and revives the radiance of marked, dehydrated and saturated skin.

Proven effectiveness from the 1st treatment

Skin is rehydrated: 100%
Skin is revitalized: 100%
Your face glows: 100%

Satisfaction test under dermatological control on 31 women divided into 3 groups who received the MESOFORCE treatment adapted to their needs.


VIE Collection treatment professionals use technical products specifically designed for spas. Inspired by those used by esthetic doctors, they are specially concentrated in ingredients to guarantee visible anti-aging results.

    A cross-functional lotion to strengthen the skin's water reserves.

    [Encapsulated and free Hyaluronic Acid]: Helps plump and intensely rehydrate.
    [Amino Acids]: Offer the skin a long-lasting hydration.
    [Trace elements]: Stimulate the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid.
    [Silica]: Cell booster.

    50 ml

  • VITA C Concentrated Solution
    A revitalizing vitamin concentrate tailored for maturing, wrinkled and devitalized skin.

    [10% Vitamin C]: Helps reactivate the biological functions of the skin, boost collagen synthesis and trap free radicals.

    30 ml

  • VITA B3 Concentrated Solution
    A tailored vitamin concentrate to target dark spots and uneven skin tone.

    [Vitamin B3]: Helps even out skin tone, boost radiance and strengthen the skin barrier.

    [TRX]: Helps reduce the size and pigmentation of dark spots.

    30 ml

Boost effectiveness of the treatment at home

Optimize the revitalizing effectiveness of the MÉSOFORCE treatment day-to-day with advanced cosmetic solutions that include the most powerful cosmeceutical ingredients. Learn about our selection: