50 minutes

A triple depigmenting exfoliation for a new skin and cosmeceuticals ingredients to fight against hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark spots.

[Esthetic medicine inspiration: depigmenting peels to even out skin tone and limit hyperpigmentation]

Brightening and anti-dark spot results from the 1st treatment

Radiant complexion: 100%
Dark spots are reduced: 100%
Dark spot color: - 25%
Dark spot surface: - 12%

Clinical scoring and satisfaction test under dermatological control on 22 women who received the facial treatment.


VIE Collection treatment professionals use technical products specifically designed for spas. Inspired by those used by esthetic doctors, they are specially concentrated in ingredients to guarantee visible anti-aging results.

  • PHOTO-C Bright Radiance Mask
    A refreshing creamy-mask to boost radiance and evenness of the skin.

    [Vitamin C]: Brightens the complexion and reduces the formation of dark spots.
    [TR]: Enhances skin radiance and improves the evenness of skin tone.
    [TRX]: Reduces the size and pigmentation of dark spots.
    [Cryo molecule]: Refreshing effect for immediate radiance.

    150 ml

  • VITA B3 Concentrated Solution
    A tailored vitamin concentrate to target dark spots and uneven skin tone.

    [Vitamin B3]: evens out skin tone, boosts radiance and strengthens the skin barrier.

    [TRX]: reduces the size and pigmentation of dark spots.

    30 ml

  • MELA BRIGHT Triple Exfoliator
    A scrub with a granite gel texture that offers the skin a triple intensive depigmenting exfoliation: acid, enzymatic and mechanical.
    [AHA - BHA] : Decrease the corneocyte cohesion and destroy the keratinocytes to allow a deep desquamation
    [Protease] : Keratolytic enzyme that gently exfoliates dead skin cells.
    [Silica] : Exfoliate the skin in a mechanical way for a microdermabrasion effect.out

    115 ml

Boost effectiveness of the treatment at home

Optimize the anti-aging effectiveness of the MELA BRIGHT treatment day-to-day with advanced cosmetic solutions that include the most powerful cosmeceutical ingredients. Learn about our selection: