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Working with VIE Collection means choosing a solid, profitable partnership. We are there at your side, and will support you at every step as your business develops.


We offer trainings to improve your treatment and product knowledge, and we make available a full, thorough set of technical documents that will make you experts in cosmeceuticals.


Our sales team will meet with you regularly for updates on your projects and the most appropriate solutions for your plans. It’s local, person-to-person support to guarantee you tailor-made solutions that match your concerns.


We set up a dynamic activity plan to develop your customers’ loyalty and boost resale:

  • Attractive new products and treatments several times per year
  • Generous promotional offers: gifts, gift boxes, mini-size products
  • Varied and quality merchandising for a sophisticated image at your point of sale

A successful partnership is above all based on trust, so VIE Collection is committed to meeting each of your needs within the most appropriate timelines. Optimal management of our inventory lets us avoid interruptions and deliver to you quickly.

Are you looking for the ultimate in anti-aging?
Do you want to offer your customers the most powerful anti-aging ingredients and molecules from the cutting edge of research? Do you want to work with a professional treatment expert?
We are here to discuss your projects and our solutions with you.

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Our history

The anti-aging specialist in the phytomer group

The brand was founded in 2000 by the director of the PHYTOMER Group, Antoine Gédouin, a visionary in professional esthetic treatments. He created VIE Collection with the goal of developing the ultimate in anti-aging care. How? By combining the salon’s expert methods with targeted molecules coming from esthetic medicine, in cutting-edge treatments inspired by the medical world.

To make his cosmeceutical vision a reality, A. Gédouin brought together a team of thirty scientists specializing in biology, dermatology and cosmetology. Together, they develop and use the most powerful ingredients and the most innovative molecules.

To push their approach further, VIE Collection works hand-in-hand with a consulting esthetic doctor. As a result, VIE has taken up a position as close as possible to treatments performed in esthetic medical practices, and it constantly draws inspiration from them. VIE Collection products offer an alternative or a complement to esthetic medical treatments, in this way helping to effectively correct all the visible signs of skin aging.

Today, VIE has become a leading brand in cosmeceuticals in spas and salons, both in France and across the world.

They chose us


Several thousand spas and salons in thirty countries have chosen VIE Collection, to work with the cosmeceutical expert in anti-aging.

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