Vie collection prescription
at home

1 Before the session

« There is no special preparation to do at home before the mesotherapy session. The patient could prepare her skin the week before the intervention by performing a gentle exfoliation. »

Vie collection treatment
in the spa

2 During the session

« I begin by applying an anesthetic cream at the start of the session, followed by a needle roller, which will create micro-holes in the skin and mark it (redness, bleeding, scabs). Next, I apply a cream with a hyaluronic acid and vitamin base. »

Vie collection prescription
at home

3 After the session

« I recommend continuing to apply hyaluronic acid-, vitamin- and mineral-based treatments at home to extend plumping effects on the skin. »


All regions of the face (crows’ feet, but not the eyelids), the neck, décolleté and back of the hands.

A minimum of four sessions, two-to-three weeks apart.

Sessions are performed with such tiny needles that they do not lead to skin scarring; instead they only stimulate elastin and collagen production in the layers of the skin.

The skin is smoothed out and recovers density, radiance and brightness. Mesotherapy boosts your youthful appearance - it’s like biorevitalization. It stimulates the natural regeneration of cells and is part of a long-term biological treatment.