40 minutes

An anti-aging treatment for combination to oily skin, that focuses on the power of fruit acids and retinol to erase wrinkles and imperfections. Skin is purified, cleansed and imperfections are reduced.

Imperfection-correcting effects from the 1st treatment

Purified skin: 100%
Blackheads cleansed: 100%
Imperfections reduced: 100%

Satisfaction test under dermatological control on 24 women who received the treatment.


VIE Collection treatment professionals use technical products specifically designed for spas. Inspired by those used by esthetic doctors, they are specially concentrated in ingredients to guarantee visible anti-aging results.

  • CLEANSING GEL With Glycolic - Lactic - Salicylic Acids
    Fresh and comfortable gel, that turns into a rich foam, to deeply cleanse the skin using 3 AHA-BHA concentrated at 1%.

    [Glycolic Acid]: Cleanses and resurfaces the skin.
    [Lactic Acid]: Promotes cell renewal and improves skin quality.
    [Salicylic Acid]: Purifies, refines skin texture and tightens pores.

    250 ml

  • ACIDE 30 Chemical Peel
    An aqueous serum that is quickly delivered as close as possible to the skin’s cells, to resurface the skin with its maximum concentration of 30% AHA-BHA.

    [18.83% Glycolic Acid]: Resurfaces the skin by forced cell renewal.
    [6% Citric Acid]: Exfoliates and fades dark spots.
    [5% Malic Acid]: Exfoliates and stimulates the production of collagen to smooth wrinkle.
    [0.17% Salicylic Acid]: Purifies, refines skin texture and tightens pores.

    50 ml

  • RETINOPUR Intensive Retinol Mask
    A non-drying and non-comedogenic mask with an airy foam texture, enriched with retinol and kaolin, to smooth and purify the skin.

    [Encapsulated Retinol]: Smooths the skin micro-relief, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin and provides desquamation and black heads removal.
    [Kaolin]: Absorbs excess sebum.

    150 ml

Boost effectiveness of the treatment at home

Optimize the anti-wrinkle and anti-imperfection effectiveness of the RETINOPUR 30% treatment day-to-day with advanced cosmetic solutions that include the most powerful cosmeceutical ingredients. Learn about our selection: