Vie collection prescription
at home

1 Before the session

« There is no special preparation to do at home before the light therapy session. The patient could prepare her skin the week before the intervention by performing a gentle exfoliation. »

Vie collection treatment
in the spa

2 During the session

« The face is exposed to a colored light - yellow or low-energy red - to stimulate skin cells, to improve the radiance of the complexion, skin texture and toning. The light is placed less than a half-centimeter from the skin, for 10-15 minutes. »

Vie collection prescription
at home

3 After the session

« I recommend continuing to apply product at home to even out radiance that will improve the complexion’s uniformity and skin texture. »


At any age, often starting at 30-35.

All areas of the face (except eyelids), the neck, décolleté and back of the hands.

No, it’s completely painless. The skin is intact after the session.

A course of 10-12 sessions, with 2 per week.

Yes, there is an immediate boost of radiance. You begin to see the skin’s texture change starting on the 3rd session.