Vie collection prescription
at home

1 Before the session

« There is no special preparation to do at home before injections. The patient could prepare her skin the week before the intervention by performing a gentle exfoliation. »

Vie collection treatment
in the spa

2 During the session

« Growth factors are taken from a sample of the patient’s blood the same day and will be extracted by centrifuging the blood for 3-5 minutes. This happens in front of the patient and is entirely sterile. The part of the plasma collected this way is called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and contains a large quantity of natural, concentrated growth factors. The autologous mix obtained this way is then available in a syringe, which means it can be injected into wrinkles and furrows or be injected via “mesotherapy,” to improve skin quality and radiance. »

Vie collection prescription
at home

3 After the session

« I recommend continuing to apply hyaluronic- or synthetic EGF-based products at home to extend effects on wrinkles. »


One to three sessions are necessary at six- to eight-week intervals.

The immediate wrinkle-filling effect is visible (as with hyaluronic acid), with hollowed areas being filled in. You must wait two weeks for very good results in your skin quality.

VIE Collection uses a synthetic peptide, EGF-like peptide, that mimics the action of EGF naturally present in the skin.