Vie collection prescription
at home

1 Before the session

« Before I perform a peel, I ask the patient to apply a serum with 10% glycolic acid concentration for 1 week. This preparatory work on the skin is necessary to gradually lower the skin’s pH and to encourage uniform penetration when the peel is applied. »

Vie collection treatment
in the spa

2 During the session

« Each session lasts around 20 minutes. I start by applying a pre-peel serum with 20% glycolic acid concentration, like GLYCO 20. I then continue by placing the 20-50% concentrated peel for 3-4 minutes. Next, I apply a neutralizing agent, followed by rinsing and applying a soothing and repairing cream. »

3 After the session

«I recommend applying a healing, repair and recovery cream for one week at home before you start to apply your usual cream again.»


Peels are done generally once every two weeks. For some people, three sessions will be enough, to be repeated once or twice / year according to their skin.

Peels are particularly applied to the skin on the face, and sometimes also the décolleté, neck and hands.

Yes, a peel is used on almost all types of skin, except black skin.

Mostly according to the patient’s age. I would choose a superficial peel with a low concentration on young skin. I would choose a higher concentration on mature skin.

Yes, a single peel offers very good results, for example on acne-prone skin. But we prefer to combine different esthetic medical techniques, such as injections for wrinkles and lasers for dark spots, in order to have a global action across all skin flaws.